It's pretty to make a real nice scent bring the pleasure to you

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The aroma diffuser helps to purify and humidify air, kill bacteria,moist eyes,alleviate fatigue,prevent rhinitis,improve the quality of the air we breathe, it also can be used as an universal humidifier with delicate atomization and natural lite scents to provide moisture to dry skin, the moisture is also anti -wrinkle and pollution.

We exported our products to more than 100 countries at a total value of 2.75 million of sets in year 2016, 3.45 million of sets in year 2017 and 6.5% increased yearly in year 2018 and as well business has significantly increasing in year 2019.

Our products have unique design, some of them have design patent certificates honored in China, few even in USA and EU. Our products have perfect quality and are easily to operate.

Seven main functions of our products
Relieve people's pressure; calm down people's minds; moisturize and nourish people's skins; clean air; reduce radiation; health care and aromatherapy.
Where to use our products

1.At home

2.Concert hall

3.The Salon, SPA

4.Hotel rooms, lobby, aisle, guest room

5.Automobile 4S shop



8.Shopping center

9.Upscale houses

10.KTV room, foot massage room

11.Hospitals, banks, stations

12.Schools and other public spaces..

Catalogs of our products

1. Smart aroma diffusers work with Alexa and controlled by voice and smartphone

2. Blue tooth aroma diffuser

3. Aroma diffuser with USB portal system

4. Aroma diffuser with clock alarm system

5. 200ml aroma diffuser

6. 300ml/500ml aroma diffuser

7. 400ml/500ml aroma diffuser

8. Super powerful capacity aroma diffuser

9. Scent diffuser

95 of 223 of our products are listed on our website. You're appreciated to have a view of them and send emails to for data.
Smart aroma diffusers that work with Alexa, controlled by voice and smartphone, 8 from 26 of unique design products waiting for you.
DT-1522YN 400ml smart aroma diffuser DT-1746YN 400ml smart aroma diffuser DT-1641YN 400ml smart aroma diffuser
DT-1520YN 300ml smart aroma diffuser DT-1745A 400ml aroma diffuser DT-1858YN 500ml smart aroma diffuser
DT-1736YN 300ml smart aroma diffuser DT-1520BYN 300ml smart aroma diffuser DT-1661YN 500ml smart aroma diffuser


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